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"Life Changing I'm telling you. I have never smiled like this before in my life. Thank you sooo much Smile Clinic. You all do amazing work!"



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Limited Lifetime Guarantee

Our dental implants come with a limited lifetime guarantee. Our goal is to make your new dental implants last you for the rest of your life. By following our guidelines and oral health directions, we know that it can happen! After you receive your new dental implants and follow our guidelines, you are covered with a limited lifetime guarantee.

Ask your doctor for more details. 

Comfortable Care

We know that visiting the dentist can cause anxiety. We offer various levels of sedation to keep you comfortable and pain free during your treatment. After treatment, most patients take over-the-counter pain medications for 1-2 days to manage any pain.


"My confidence is back, I smile, I can eat whatever I want, I can go out to dinner. After I first got them in my first meal was a steak and that was the best tasting steak I've ever eaten in my life."


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Smile Clinic in Midvale, Utah is a world-class dental office with a training facility where doctors from around the country come to learn from our extremely talented doctors and staff. We've placed over 10,000 dental implants, many to patients flying in from out of state. All Smile Clinic staff take great pride in creating beautiful, long-lasting smiles for our patients. We work with each patient individually, ensuring that they are getting the best care and treatment for their specific needs. Our office staff is welcoming and happy to answer all your questions so you're comfortable and confident with any treatment you might pursue.

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Dr. Randy Roberts, DDS


Dr. Roberts is the creator the industry changing 3 on 6™ full mouth restoration procedure. His experience with implant restorations is extensive. Dr. Roberts has traveled worldwide to give and receive training in the area of dental implants and smile restoration.


Dr. Roberts graduated Doctor of Dental Surgery from New York University College of Dentistry. He received his Bachelors degree in Integrated Studies of Biology and Business from Utah Valley University, and is finishing up his Masters in Business Management at Harvard University. He founded Utah Smile Clinic and subsequently Smile Systems, where he currently serves as Chief Dental Officer, and mentors many doctors throughout the country on the 3 on 6 procedure.

Dr Roberts is one of the most experienced dental implant surgeons in the world, having placed over 10,000 implants. He is experienced in complex surgical cases, including placement of pterygoid and zygomatic implants.

Dr. Locke graduated Magna Cum Laude from the University of Utah with a degree in finance. He was then accepted into the prestigious Regional Dental Education Program and attended Creighton Dental School on scholarship.


Dr. Locke loves all aspects of dentistry but has received extensive training in oral surgery and implants, and is one of the world's most experienced 3 on 6 providers. To complete a beautiful new smile, he is also trained in facial esthetics including the use of dermal fillers.

Dr. Locke currently serves as the Smile Systems Institute Director where he creates training content and delivers training to new and existing 3 on 6 providers in the Smile Systems network.

Dr. Logan Locke, DDS

Dr. Child is a Prosthodontist and Certified Dental Technician (CDT) that provides all procedures related to full-mouth implant rehabilitation (FMIR), including both surgical and restorative phases. He also provides high-end, complex full-mouth esthetic procedures and restorations for both implants and teeth.  


Dr. Child is a member of many academies and organizations, including the American Academy of Esthetic Dentistry, the invitation-only membership organization for the most accomplished professionals in the field of esthetic dentistry. These elite members perform some of the most sought-after and complicated cosmetic dental procedures available in the world today.


Dr. Child has taught and lectured extensively throughout the world on most dental topics, but primarily Prosthodontics, Implantology, and Dental Materials. His passion for teaching is evident when he is in the clinic teaching anyone who will listen. 

Dr. Paul Child, DDS

BioHorizons Dental Implants

After placing tens of thousands of dental implants, our clinic knows the importance of using high quality implants and connections that provide stability and longevity. Our office uses BioHorizons dental implants. BioHorizons is one of the worldwide leaders in dental implant technology, and we can see the difference as we achieve incredible surgical success and implant longevity for our patients.  

Although it may just look like a screw to the untrained eye, BioHorizons has spent millions of dollars in research and development creating the perfect implant, that integrates quickly and effectively to the bone, and eliminates weak points that are susceptible to breakage and failure. BioHorizons implants also carry a lifetime warranty.  

Need A Full Smile Restoration?

Sometimes one or two implants just won't be enough to restore your ability to eat, smile, and live pain free. For patient's in need of a full smile restoration, we recommend the 3 on 6™ treatment.

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