Not from Utah? Not a problem!

As a result of our proprietary 3 on 6™ procedure and our low prices, a growing number of our patients are coming to our office from outside of Utah and even outside of the United States. We have a system to make this experience simple and smooth for anyone wishing to travel to our office for a 3 on 6™ restoration.

We save out-of-state patients on average $18,400

from their comparable local full mouth treatment plan.

The Process

1 - Give Us A Call

We’ll get you in touch with the office manager. The office manager will answer any questions, let you know approximate price, explain financing options, treatment, and answer any additional questions you have.


2 - Panoramic X-ray

We want to know if you’ll be eligible for treatment before you make the trip out. We’ll ask for a panoramic x-ray for our doctor to review. Once reviewed we will let you know if you are eligible for treatment. A $1,000 per arch down payment will be required to put you on the schedule for surgery.


Trip #1 (1 day)


3 - Smile Design Planning

You will travel to our office in Taylorsville, Utah, for a records review and surgical planning appointment. At this appointment you will meet with your Doctor to discuss any questions you may have and start the smile design planing by taking a CBCT scan, intra oral scan, and clinical photos. Most people can fly in and out on the same day for this appointment.


Trip #2 (2 days)


4 - Surgery

You will fly into Salt Lake City International airport either the morning of, or the night before the surgery, based on your preference. We recommend our patients stay at Staybridge Suites in Midvale which is in our same parking lot. Public transportation connects from the airport to a stop within a two minute walk from our office. We recommend bringing someone along with you to assist as needed, but this isn’t required.


The surgery to place your implants and your temporary bridges will take approximately 3 hours for one arch, and 5 hours for a full mouth. We have various options for sedation during the surgery to make sure it is a comfortable and pleasant experience. When you wake up you’ll have new teeth!


5 - Surgery Post-Op Visit

1-2 days following your surgery, you will return for a post operative visit and initial smile design consultation. This is where we will monitor healing progress and begin the custom smile design process. This will give you the opportunity to provide input on the design and shade of your next step of the provisional process.


You will have a call with the doctor prior to traveling back, where you can go over any changes and adjustments that you want on your temporary teeth. We will then communicate that to the lab so they can have that new set ready for your next visit.


Trip #3 (1-2 days)


6 - Initial Provisionals

After 4 months of healing and implant integration, you will travel back to Utah for a 1-2 day visit. At this time we will deliver your new temporary bridges with the desired changes you and the doctor requested.


Trip #4 (1-2 days)


7 - Final Bridge Delivery

After 2-4 weeks of wearing your provisional bridges, you will travel back to our office a final time. This is when we will seat your final zirconia bridges; your permanent new smile!

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