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Why Harry Traveled From China to get the 3 on 6™


I had done lots of research. Research. Research. Blah blah blah. I finally found the 3 on 6 procedure after almost a year of researching what the best option would be. I was about to get the all on 4 but it's a good thing I didn't cause that thing sucks.

The Experience

When I had my free consultation at Smile Clinic, it was done through a video call because I live in China. Mike was really friendly and helpful in showing me how the procedure works, what financing options I had, and he got me excited when he told me the doctors had looked at my scans and concluded that I had enough bone to get the procedure.


3 on 6 good, all on 4 bad, dentures definitely bad, get 3 on 6. Yes.


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