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What is an overdenture?


An overdenture (also known as a snappy denture) is a standard denture that is able to snap on and off to two or more implants in the patient's mouth. This allows the denture to sit more securely in the mouth and assists the user to feel more confident that the denture won't fall out unexpectedly.

Who should consider getting an overdenture?

Generally, dentures are discouraged by most dentists unless they are the only viable option. For some people, their bone health or their financial situation makes dentures the best option. In this case, if a patient has sufficient bone and can also afford the implants required for an overdenture, this is generally a better option.

Are there any drawbacks?

Like any denture, an overdenture doesn't protect from bone loss except in the locations of the implants. In addition, the snapping on and off of the overdenture over time can cause wear on the implant portion, requiring them to be replaced at some point.

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