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What is a denture?

A denture is a restoration for edentulous patients (missing teeth) which fits inside the mouth. It consists of the teeth portion, usually made of porcelain, as well as the "gum" portion made of acrylic. 

Who should consider getting a denture?

Generally, dentures are discouraged by most dentists unless they are the only viable option. For some people, their bone health or their financial situation makes dentures their best and only option.

Are there any drawbacks?

Dentures don't protect against bone loss. This means that over time, the shape of the mouth will begin to change as the bone deteriorates and the denture will stop fitting as well. This requires the user to use adhesives in the mouth to try and secure the denture.

For many people, the bulky acrylic in the mouth can cause a gag reflex. In addition, food can get trapped under the denture which becomes painful and causes sores. Maintenance of dentures can also be a frustration as they must be removed each night and soaked in a rinse and then placed each morning.

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