Not from Utah? Not a problem!

As a result of our proprietary 3 on 6™ procedure and our low prices, a growing number of our patients are coming to our office from outside of Utah and even outside of the United States. We have a system to make this experience simple and smooth for anyone wishing to travel to our office for a 3 on 6™ restoration.

We save out-of-state patients on average $18,400

from their comparable local full mouth treatment plan.

The Process

1 - Give us a call

We’ll get you in touch with the office manager. The office manager will answer any questions, let you know approximate price, and explain financing options.

2 - Panoramic X-ray

We want to know if you’ll be eligible for treatment before you make the trip out. We’ll ask for a panoramic x-ray for our doctor to review. Once reviewed we will let you know if you are eligible for treatment. A $1,000 per arch down payment will be required to put you on the schedule for surgery.

3 - Impressions

We'll send you an impression kit with instructions for you to bite into and mail back which we’ll use to make your temporary teeth for placement immediately after your surgery. You’ll be able to select the color and shape of the teeth. Your surgery will be scheduled 3 weeks from the time we receive the impression back from you.

4 - Trip to Salt Lake City

You will fly into Salt Lake City International airport either the morning of, or the night before the surgery, based on your preference. We recommend our patients stay at the Courtyard Marriott near the airport, and use Uber for transportation to and from. Our office is about a 10 minute drive from the Marriott. We recommend bringing someone along with you to assist as needed, but isn’t required.

5 - Surgery

The surgery to place your implants and your temporary bridges will take approximately 3 hours for one arch, and 5 hours for a full mouth. We have various options for sedation during the surgery to make sure it is a comfortable and pleasant experience. When you wake up you’ll have new teeth!

6 - After Surgery

We recommend staying another night in the hotel for recovery, and returning home the next morning, but this also isn’t required. You’ll have a prescription that you picked up after surgery to make sure there aren’t any risks for infection and to manage any pain which typically will last only 2-3 days after surgery. You will need to avoid eating hard foods during the first 2 months after surgery to allow for the implants to heal, but you will be going home with a beautiful new smile!

7 - Post-op Call

You'll have a follow up call with the doctor a week after the surgery to check up on the results of the surgery. We allow approximately 3 months for the implants to stabilize before scheduling the placement of the final restorations.

8 - Return to Salt Lake City

You know the flight and hotel drill by now. We’ll have you return to Salt Lake City so we can take digital scans of your mouth to create your final restorations. At this point you can recommend any changes to your teeth that you’d like in the finals. This visit will take about 7 days. This part of the process doesn’t require any numbing or sedation. When you return home you’ll have a beautiful, new, permanent smile! 

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